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Where to Find Web Design Inspiration and Resources

Creating a stunning and functional website is not always an easy task. But don’t worry, there are plenty of resources and inspiration available to make your web design journey easier. In this post, we’ll explore some of the best places to find web design inspiration and resources to help you create amazing websites.


1. Awwwards

Awwwards is a platform that showcases the best web design projects from around the world. It’s a great place to find inspiration for your next web design project. The site has an extensive gallery of websites, which are categorized by design, technology, and content, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

2. Behance

Behance is a popular platform for creative professionals to showcase their portfolios. It’s an excellent source of inspiration for web designers, as it features a wide range of projects, including website designs, UI/UX designs, and graphic designs.

3. Dribbble

Dribbble is another platform where designers can share their work, making it an excellent place to find inspiration for your next web design project. Dribbble is particularly useful for finding UI and UX design ideas, as it features many examples of app and web interfaces.

4. Webdesign Inspiration

Webdesign Inspiration is a curated collection of website designs from various industries and styles. The site has an easy-to-use search feature that allows you to find designs based on color, industry, and style.

5. SiteInspire

SiteInspire is another great source of web design inspiration, featuring a wide variety of website designs that can be filtered by categories, styles, subjects, and types.


6. Google Fonts

Google Fonts is an extensive collection of free, open-source fonts that you can use on your website. With hundreds of fonts to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect font to match your design style.

7. FontAwesome

FontAwesome is a popular icon library that offers a large collection of vector icons that can be easily customized for your website. The icons are available in various formats, including SVG, and can be easily scaled without losing quality.

8. Unsplash

Unsplash is a fantastic resource for high-quality, royalty-free stock photos. With a vast library of images to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect photo to enhance your web design.

9. Freepik

Freepik offers a large selection of free and premium resources, including vectors, illustrations, and graphics. It’s an excellent resource for web designers looking for high-quality visual elements to incorporate into their designs.

10. Canva

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool that allows you to create custom graphics for your website without the need for advanced design skills. Canva offers a wide range of templates and resources, making it easy to create stunning visuals for your web design projects.

11. Color Hunt

Color Hunt is a fantastic resource for finding color palettes and inspiration for your web design projects. The site features a curated collection of color schemes that can be easily copied and implemented into your designs.

12. Coolors


is another excellent color palette generator that helps you create, save, and share color schemes. With a simple interface, it’s easy to find the perfect color combination for your web design project.

13. Adobe Color

Adobe Color is a powerful color scheme tool that allows you to create, explore, and save color palettes. It also features a color wheel, color harmony rules, and the ability to extract color palettes from images.

14. CSS-Tricks

CSS-Tricks is a comprehensive resource for web designers and developers, covering a wide range of topics, including CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. The site features articles, tutorials, and code snippets to help you improve your web design skills.

15. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a popular online magazine for web designers and developers. The site offers articles, tutorials, and resources on a variety of web design topics, including UX design, front-end development, and responsive design.

16. CodePen

CodePen is an online code editor and community for front-end developers. It’s a great place to find inspiration, as well as learn and experiment with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can browse through various “Pens” created by other users or create your own to share with the community.

17. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a popular Q&A platform for developers, where you can find answers to web design and development questions. It’s an excellent resource for troubleshooting issues and learning from the experiences of other web professionals.

18. W3Schools

W3Schools is a comprehensive web development tutorial site that offers resources on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web technologies. It’s a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced web designers looking to improve their skills.

19. MDN Web Docs

MDN Web Docs is a comprehensive resource for web developers, maintained by Mozilla. It offers documentation and tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web technologies, making it an invaluable resource for web designers.

20. Webflow

Webflow is a powerful web design tool that allows you to design, build, and launch responsive websites visually. It’s a great resource for designers who want to create custom websites without having to write code.

By exploring these resources and finding inspiration from various sources, you can create stunning web designs that not only look great but also provide an excellent user experience. With the right tools and inspiration, the sky’s the limit for your web design projects.

21. Figma

Figma is a popular collaborative design tool that allows designers to create and prototype web and app interfaces. With its easy-to-use interface and real-time collaboration features, Figma has become a favorite among web designers and developers.

22. Sketch

Sketch is a vector-based design tool specifically built for UI and UX designers. With a wide range of features, including Symbols, Libraries, and the ability to create responsive designs, Sketch is an excellent tool for web design projects.

23. InVision

InVision is a powerful design and prototyping platform that allows you to create interactive, responsive prototypes for your web design projects. InVision makes it easy to collaborate with team members and gather feedback on your designs.

24. UI Movement

UI Movement is a curated collection of UI design inspiration, featuring a wide range of user interface concepts and animations. It’s an excellent resource for finding new ideas for your web and app interfaces.

25. Codrops

Codrops is a web design and development blog that offers articles, tutorials, and free resources, such as CSS snippets and JavaScript plugins. It’s a valuable resource for staying up-to-date with the latest web design trends and techniques.

26. UX Design Weekly

UX Design Weekly is a curated newsletter that delivers the best UX design resources, articles, and inspiration directly to your inbox. It’s a great way to stay informed about the latest trends and best practices in the field of UX design.

27. Daily UI

Daily UI is a design challenge that encourages designers to improve their skills by creating a new UI design every day for 100 days. It’s a fun and engaging way to practice your design skills and find inspiration for your web design projects.

28. Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search engine that allows you to discover and save ideas for your projects. With millions of images and designs to explore, Pinterest is an excellent resource for finding web design inspiration and ideas.

29. UXPin

UXPin is a collaborative UX design and prototyping tool that enables designers to create fully functional, interactive prototypes quickly. It offers a wide range of features, including built-in design libraries, user testing, and real-time collaboration.

30. Designmodo

Designmodo is a popular web design blog that offers articles, tutorials, and resources on various web design topics, such as responsive design, HTML and CSS, and user experience. It’s a valuable resource for web designers looking to stay current with the latest trends and techniques.

With these additional resources and inspiration sources, you’ll be well-equipped to create exceptional web designs that are both visually appealing and user-friendly. Remember to keep exploring, learning, and challenging yourself to stay at the top of your web design game.

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