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  • Hosting

    Your websites will be fast with Australian based cPanel Hosting from a Sydney Data centre

  • Maintenance

    Your website will be kept secure & up to date with continuous monitoring & maintenance

  • Support

    You get *Unlimited user support from Australian staff included in all of our maintenance plans

  • Reporting

    We keep you updated with monthly performance & maintenance reporting.

* after the 3 months of included services you may continue with the Managed WordPress plan for AUD$99 / month, or choose to move to another provider.
Quality themes and plugins you get to use for FREE

We pay for all of these so you don't have to

This list shows the most common WordPress themes and Plugins that we use, where we maintain Agency Licenses.

  • Bricks Builder

    Bricks Builder is a theme that boasts an extremely powerful page builder, with best-in-class performance and features. Its dynamic data capabilities are particularly noteworthy.

    > See vendor's site
  • Bricks Extras

    Bricksextras is a collection of professionally coded and powerful features that seamlessly integrate with the standard framework of Bricks Builder.

    > See vendor's site
  • BricksForge

    Bricks forge is an excellent addition to the Bricks Builder feature set. Notably, it includes GSAP animation capabilities and redesigned admin features.

    > See vendor's site
  • AutomaticCSS

    AutomaticCSS provides a well-designed and consistent framework for Bricks Builder. By working with ACSS, we work much more efficiently and maintain our projects in a more consistent manner.

    > See vendor's site
  • Frames

    Frames takes advantage of AutomaticCSS to offer a collection of well-designed template parts that prioritize code quality and accessibility. Incorporating Frames into our workflow allows us to work efficiently while maintaining a consistently high standard.

    > See vendor's site
  • Elementor PRO

    Elementor is the most popular page builder, designed with user experience in mind. Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate user, you'll find Elementor to be one of the most user-friendly page builders available.

    > See vendor's site
  • Crocoblock

    Crocoblock offers a wide selection of plugins for WordPress, including Gutenberg and Elementor. We utilize their JetEngine plugin on all of our websites to simplify the management of custom post types, meta fields, and various other features.

    > See vendor's site
  • Dynamicooo

    Dynamicooo is one of my preferred Elementor addons, as it introduces a variety of useful features and widgets. Its dynamic data and dynamic visibility capabilities are particularly noteworthy, as are the additional features it provides for Elementor forms.

    > See vendor's site
  • Unlimited Elements

    Unlimited Elements provides a distinctive collection of widgets for Elementor. One of the most impressive features of these widgets is their ease of customization - with just a bit of coding, they can be easily edited to suit your needs.

    > See vendor's site
  • Happy Addons

    Happy Addons is a great set of addon features and Widgets for Elementor

    > See vendor's site
  • WP Amelia

    WP Amelia booking and scheduling system is the simplest to use and set up on the planet! It supports events, appointments, and even payments. It seamlessly integrates with Google, Microsoft, and Zoom, making it a versatile solution for your scheduling needs.

    > See vendor's site
  • WS Form

    Forms are a necessary component of any website, and with WS Form, we can create almost any type of form we need. The conditional display options and integrations with other platforms are outstanding features. Additionally, the developer is highly responsive to requests and a great guy to work with, which is crucial in a development tool.

    > See vendor's site
  • Scripts Organiser

    Managing all code for WordPress websites in one centralized location is my preferred approach. The benefits of this method are numerous and could easily fill an entire article. In essence, it allows us to work in a standardized, predictable, and easily manageable way, greatly simplifying the maintenance process.

    > See vendor's site
  • Postmark

    Starting around 2019, email servers such as Google and Microsoft began directing mail sent from WordPress straight to junk folders, or not accepting it at all. To ensure that our emails are delivered to inboxes rather than junk folders, we send all WordPress mail through Postmark.

    > See vendor's site
  • WP Rocket

    This is by far my favorite WordPress performance and caching plugin. Its greatest strengths are its ease of use and effectiveness - even enabling just the most basic features can make a significant improvement to page load speeds.

    > See vendor's site
  • CleanTalk

    Dealing with form spam can be incredibly frustrating, and unfortunately, even Google reCAPTCHA can't catch it all. CleanTalk, on the other hand, is highly effective at preventing most spam. It's easy to install and protects all WordPress forms, including those used by WooCommerce and many other plugins.

    > See vendor's site
You choose how to pay :)

Flexible Payment Terms

The cost of a website can vary depending on its type, ranging from a modest to a significant investment. We recognize that small businesses need to manage their cashflow carefully. Therefore, we provide flexible payment options for our new website development packages.

  • 100% up front
  • 50% on project start, 50% on completion
  • 25% to start, followed by 3 quarterly payments
*Note: The ownership of the website will continue to be held by WP Easy until the final payment has been completed.
What our customers say


Wise Owl Early Learning

These guys are brilliant! We had an old Joomla site that we just could not manage. We have a graphic designer who had no experience with Websites. W Easy provided 1 on 1 help so that we could build our own website. They also host and manage it for us. It has been nearly 2 years now and we have never had a problem with our website. Highly recommended.

Solo Connections

We had our website built by another agency and found it difficult to get support from them. When WP Esy took over our hosting and support, our homepage load time immediately dropped from 40s to 15s. After some optimisation, it is now under 2s


One word, AMAZING!.. The hosting and support are great. Our site has nearly 500 blog posts and it works fast every time. When we have contacted support the response times and knowledge are fantastic.

Lees Environmental

Super fast response times to any support requests. We were hosted by a company that specialises in WordPress performance. Yet moving to WP Easy, our page speeds improved immediately.


I was their very first customer and am still happy to be with them. I built my own site with Elementor and WooCommerce. Their support in helping to resolve problems and teach me has been great. I have nearly 2K products and everyone loads quickly. They tell me more can be done to improve speed, but I’m happy with how it is.

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